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Company contact details
Countec Co., Ltd
Machinery manufacturers
SEO Dong Eon
78 Saneop-Ro
+82 32 680 7457
A copy of our complete GDPR Policy Set can be requested using the contact details mentioned above.
The purposes of the processing and legal basis
Countec Ltd (Countec group) are an industrial manufacturer of machinery.The company collects client information froma third party provider as a sales agency and shares the client information only for necessary processingof shipping, and provides this to the courier(s). Further details of third party involvement can beprovided on request.
Data Protection Objectives
Necessary processing tasks are reviewed every month. System updates and processes are reflected
within the full GDPR policy as data sets, also available upon request using the contact details on the mainpage. We take every precaution to limit the distribution of client and/or company details whethertrading with business or individuals. Our sales and admin team work on an inbound basis only and willnot supply details of any other clientele with advertising or marketing sources or agencies.
Management access levels are unanimous for internal staff operating and supervising the support functions for research and development only.
GDPR metrics have been recently implemented, and Countec has been provided a monitoring frameworkto revise privacy and quality control to conform with the EU regulation from 25th May 2018.
Password policies the standard strong password procedure and data is kept within the biomedical premises.
Collection of data is on service appointment only and not used for marketing.
Advertising of services is supported on the public-facing company domain only and Countec do not usethird party advertising services.
Subject Rights
Necessary processing tasks are reviewed every month. Such tasks include, but are not limited to:
Legislative updates demonstrating transparency and fair use of data
Right of access to data we hold on you
Right to be informed of changes and updates that will affect the use of your data
Right of data portability to ensure it is accessible
Right to object against anything we hold about you
Right to erasure should you wish to remove all records
Right to restrict processing in the case of dispute
Right to rectification if the data we or mentioned third parties are incorrect
Rights regarding automated profiling and decision making
Hardware and software security measures to ensure the safe use of your data
Pseudonymisation, tokenisation and encryption to restrict access beyond designated parties
Anonymisation of data analytics for company performance
Management and staff are bound by confidentiality and we take unnecessary access and processing ofdata we hold and a very serious matter. A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), is undertaken aspart of the annual review and updated monthly as a metrics management system to gaugeimprovements towards data protection and information security protocols.
Data Analysis and Retention
Countec do not use third party processors and the controllers of personal data of subjects is restrictedto within the company on the premises of the company. The company retains client data for the UKstandard six years as this time period is deemed adequate by GDPR law, and analysis protocols including
Subject Access Requests (SARs), are supported by ISO 17024 (the GDPR), and IS0 90001 as Countec arean accredited company.
Personal data held on staff is kept separately and used for the functions of payroll, HR and accountancyonly. All data whether clientele or staff is erased fully following six years of SLA termination withCountec.
A cookies policy is provided separately to this document.
SARs (Subject Access Requests)
Subjects have the right to obtain data that the company hold on them at any point which can be obtainedfrom the contact information at the top of this document.
Data portability is provided in a range of formats, via the online portal, emailed and encrypted PDF, or aone-time pad link to enable security.
Data can be provided in the form of writing in post or by One-Time Pad (OTP) email link (, orvia telephone conversation, and will a require security pass.
The right to complain must in the first instance be through support offered via contact page or email
directly to .
If this cannot be resolved, the subject may escalate to the managing director or SEO noted as the
responsible person at the top of this policy.
Following unresolved dispute from this point, please refer to the terms and conditions included at thefooter of the main website to proceed with legal escalation. The right to restrict processing can be made with immediate effect any any point of your choosing.
The right to rectification can be made with immediate effect following the discovery of any inaccurateinformation we hold.
This rectification may only be permitted by the subject themselves.
SARs are logged on request.

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Legal notice
Countec welcomes you to visit our website (hereinafter Company). We would like to inform you of some legal notices that you should be aware of regarding the use of the homepage.

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Do not steal company brand
Company brand (trade name, trademark) can only be used by company in principle. For companies that steal company brands, ① Article 23 of the Commercial Act (prohibition of mutual use to mislead subjects), ② Article 65 of the Trademark Act (right to request for prohibition of infringement of rights), ③ Unfair Competition Prevention Act Article 4. In any case, if an outside company uses a company symbol, it will be subject to sanctions. Therefore, misuse and theft of company brand on online / offline are strictly regulated.

Responsibility for Link
The homepage provides you with various links based on your own standards. All linked websites are provided for the purpose of obtaining information and convenience of the customer, but no legal responsibility for the link site is on the homepage and we do not guarantee the reliability of the website.

Changes to notices
After this notice, all users who use the service provided on the Company website are deemed to have agreed to the contents of this notice. The website has the right and the right to change the detailed items stated in this notice and the reason for the change of use conditions on the homepage with appropriate time margin, or to change it from time to time in accordance with the Internet industrys practices in an appropriate manner without prior notice. Therefore, you must inspect the details and terms of the legal notice and the Terms and Conditions from time to time and know the new conditions or conditions. These legal notices will be effective October 1, 2018.